Managing Health Anxiety 

Health anxiety is also known discriminatory as hypochondria.


What is Health Anxiety?

Health anxiety, also known as illness anxiety disorder or hypochondria, is a mental health condition characterised by excessive worry and fear about having a serious medical condition. Individuals with health anxiety often interpret ordinary bodily sensations or minor symptoms as signs of a severe illness. They may become preoccupied with the idea that they are seriously ill, despite reassurances from medical professionals.

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Health Anxiety Symptoms 


  • Thinking that any sensation you feel could be a symptom of something
  • Worrying about being ill/having something wrong with you frequently
  • Constantly checking your body for symptoms, pain, tingling, lumps
  • Scrolling the internet for your symptoms for conditions
  • Visiting the doctors often, but they can never find anything wrong
  • Not believing the doctor’s test results

Implementing relaxation techniques is a fundamental aspect of dealing with anxiety. Recognising the signs of health anxiety is the first step in developing a treatment plan tailored to individual needs.

Health Anxiety can feel like you are battling your mind.

When battling health anxiety, it can be difficult because, on the one hand, your brain is telling you something is wrong with you, so it makes it doubly more challenging to convince the very same brain that told you this that you are, in fact, fine.

Other hurdles you face could be that the people who generally support you – are telling you that it’s all in your head, but all you sense is their lack of compassion, which can make you feel worse than usual, as you may feel you are being attacked.

Then you may get called a hypochondriac – which, in other people’s eyes, is someone who pretends that they are ill or fakes illness to get out of something or for attention, which will also add to your anxiety.

The problem can be two-fold – Firstly, they are probably right. Still, the lack of compassion hurts, and the negative connotation surrounding the idea of being a hypochondriac doesn’t help either. The word has a massive stigma surrounding it, making it difficult for people to discuss it with compassion and understanding.

People that surround you may not consider or recognise the anxiety, stress, pain, and inconvenience it causes you.

Can a life coach help with overcoming Health anxiety?

Let’s look at Overcoming Health Anxiety.

It is essential that you first recognise and acknowledge that you have Health Anxiety. It would be best if you were realistic; you won’t improve from this condition overnight; it will take time and a lot of work.

The progress you make will depend on the input you put into it.  You are the only one who can improve yourself (as your mind controls it). No one can fix you, as in many conditions that involve anxiety and stress.

Once you can see that you are suffering from health anxiety, it will be the first step to your recovery. Remember, admitting it doesn’t mean you ever wanted to be this way, nor do you continue to want to be this way.  Acknowledging it starts your journey to controlling it and understanding when the triggers happen and why.

It is an anxiety condition, and it is unpleasant.

If you would like help managing Health Anxiety, please get in touch with me.

In our sessions, we’ll identify the cause of your anxiety. I can help with a wide range of anxiety symptoms, helping you to find coping strategies to deal with your symptoms.

We will work on challenging your negative thoughts to develop a more positive mindset.

My clients find the sessions engaging.

As an anxiety coach, I take on many roles to help my clients in their journey of self-discovery. Learning to change beliefs, think positively, and become self-aware to determine your goals and move forward.

I can assist you with health anxiety, overthinking, and worry. I can help you recognise and overcome these problems.

In our sessions, you will experience a relaxed and confidential environment, allowing you to express your feelings freely.

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